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Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough: Being a Detective: The Crime Scene and Cleaner

First, be warned, there are TONS of meaningless items all over creation at the crime scene. The only way to know what something is is to pick it up, which eats up time. So save first, figure out where things are, then restore and pick up the things you need.

There are bits of a business card all around, including under the cart. You can't pick up the bits in your starting area until you get the rest, which is REALLY annoying and silly. Be warned.

Grab the water bottle and send it to the lab. It has Jenny's fingerprints plus those of a vendor. Get the dog tag to the left, this is key evidence. Analyzing it won't help tho. Get her money belt. To the right, you'll get a business card fragment, another beneath the cart in a second, and a betting slip from the far trash can.

Talk to the cleaner:
* time 4:45 talking to a woman
* Seen before?
* Tips south?
* Where before?
* Lots joggers?
* Move cart

That's it. Grab the card pieces, assemble them, and go.

6 days, 6 hrs.

Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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