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Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough: Being a Detective: Jenny's Apartment

A new place to search - the dead woman's apartment. There's the main living room / dining room area and a bedroom. If you have the key from the med examiner desk, you can open her desk here to get the gold key within it. Look at the trash for a note from a "Lucy". There are other random unhelpful things in here. On her desk is a racing picture with her official time - 40718.

Now look at the painting on the wall. Voila, a safe with a 5 digit code! Type that in to open it up. There's a will made out to her daughter and the deed to the house in the name of Bartholomew Cochran. Aha, another name to go talk to! Send the deed off to research, and the gold key you found.

Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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