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Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough: Being a Detective: Cochran, the Lover

You talk to Cochran several times. This first time around you get there at 4 days, 4.5 hrs.

* How long? 6 years
* Bought apt? No
* Enemies? no
* Why buy? In love
* Both agree to break up
* Where were you? home alone
* Run every day? yes
* Victim dog? hated them.

You learn that the gold key opened a safety deposit box Jenny and Cochran both had access to and both were there the day before the murder ... and now it's empty. Head back to talk to Cochran again.

* Why? Needed docs
* She went few hours - IPO info
* Lose money on Bio-norm - sold out
* Lucy lost everything

Video with the lieutenant, and now you know who that Lucy of the trash-can note is!

Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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