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Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough: Being a Lawyer: The First Questioning

I like to start with the medical examiner. Set the scene. You jsut ask cause of death, then watch - other injuries. Suggest struggle? Yes.

Next the crime lab. Dog hair - what findings? Blood - waht reveal? Neck - alum and gold. They don't seem to care?? Saliva - dog. As if licked? Could be.

Now the vet. How long? 6 yr. Name? Bingo. Last time? May 12. Object when he starts on the 'the guy wasn't home' line.

Psych eval - indifference = denial. Express anger? No guilt. Add on - how felt dog? Remorse. Could killed dog? Yes, sacrifice.

Lucy. Friend? Yes. Dog? No, allergic. Pet dog? Once in lap = emergency room. Offer inv? Other guy - angry with her - objection. Me - why leave? She was gone.

Surveillance - nothing much

Lennie - tag - find evidence? Yes. What int? Cremated.

Law and Order Dead on the Money Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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