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Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough
Al Bartkowski - Doorman

Al is a nice, elderly doorman who works at the Exelsior - an apartment building mostly populated by older people.

When discover? 7:45.
Why inside? Helping a woman, away for maybe 5-10 minutes
Gunshot? Yes, thought it was backfire
Unusual? No, mostly seniors here
Victim? Saw pull up and park. Rings bell, leaves message and goes to car. Name is Ramos.
Who is in 4B? Linda Keller - not a senior, not quiet
Seen her? In the morning, not since.

Send Al off for surveillance and find out he has a wife and 17 year old son.

Psychiatrist says he's anxious.

Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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