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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
Weathertop: The Ringwraiths

To get up here, you pass a few 'monster generators' along the way. They look like upside down Vs. Kill those. You go through 3 arches and get lots of cram. Save it up. Up at the top is a troll - an Olog-Hai - that you have to do a TON of slashing against. Keep on its back side even though it does this magical "instant turnaround" the second you hit it. Stay back from its mashing fists.

When you finish, you see a video of the fire fight and then of course Aragorn dashes in. You do NOT HAVE TO KILL THEM. They are really nasty. You just have to push them away from Frodo and bop them a few times. They'll run away. But now Frodo is injured and you have to get him some Athelas.

An amusing thing in here, if you die you can choose just 'restart' because it restarts at this point. But a lot of times when you restart, Aragorn immediately collapses to the ground :) And then gets up again. He must have too much trauma left in his mind from his previous death!

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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