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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
Mines of Moria: Mines of Moria

Lucky they "quick-skipped" over all that trekking and snow stuff, eh? You're attacked by wolves. They're easy to kill. Head down the road for a bow. Now back the other way you came. At the fork, go right up the stairs. You'll find a bunch of stones at the top. Blast them with fireworks. Now the other path will be open. Head down and along that other path. You'll hit water, and then at the end, some lembas. Save by this spot.

Press X at the door for it to become visible. You'll be attacked by 2 tentacles first. Those are pretty easy, just hack at them or chain lightning them. Aragorn will help. Then the nasty monster will really come out. Stand far back against the door, even though you'll get annoying "you can't leave this area yet" messages. You have to stay out of reach of that acid breath. Then just chain lightning him three times and he drops dead.

Say Mellon - Friend - to open the door!

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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