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Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Walkthrough
Aragorn's Skill Progression

Your basic keys are:
square: defend/block
X: speed attack
triangle: strong attack
circle: kick/push

LEVEL ONE SKILLS (automatic)
Triple strike: x x x for a 3-hit speed combo
Double hack: triangle triangle for a 2 hit fierce combo Shadow Strike: R2 (finishing killing blow)
Combat Kick: circle
Sword Parry: square
Duneduin Bow: press hold L1, X to fire

Rush attack: 3000 (xo)
Rising attack: 8000
Isildur's Swift Terror: 5000
Isildur's War Rush: 5000
Ranger Fury: 2000 (press and hold triangle - green light shows up on the sword for slash-attack)
Strength of the Stewards: 10000 (extra health)

Goblin Bane: 4000 (square x R2 - kills a goblin instantly)
Charge attack: 4000 (xo - an upgrade of the rush attack)
Isildur's Death Charge: 5000
Isildur's Gambit: 5000 (x tri x x) strikes unshielded foe and on to next one
Rohan Bow: 4000 (uber arrows)
Strength of Isildur: 10,000 (extra health)

Orc Bane: 6000 (square x R2 - kills an orc instantly)
Isildur's Deliverance: 5000 (tri x x tri, harms shielded enemy)
Strength of Elendil: 10,000 (more health)
Wilderness Range: 4000 (enhances ranger fury)
Master Swordsman: 10,000 (increases power of your speed attack)

Bane Saruman: 8000 (sq x R2 - kills uruk-hai instantly)
Isildur's Judgement: 5000 (tri tri circ tri - hurts shield guy)
Strength of the Argonath: 10,000 (health)
Wrath of Numenor: 6000 (enhances wilderness rage to set guys on fire)
Gondor Bow: 6000 (enhances your bow power)

Really, I just memorized the tri x x tri for shield guys, and x tri x x for unshielded guys, and did whichever I needed to. That seemed to blast through 99% of any problems :)

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Walkthrough

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