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Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Walkthrough
Weathertop as Aragorn

This is about the point where people who own the "other game" (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship) are going "Hey, didn't I already play this scene?" But such is life. This game does cover a few scenes from Movie 1, and since the other game was based on Book 1, well, you can see why they'd be a bit similar :)

OK, Weathertop. Aragorn. Hobbits. Ringwraiths. They hate fire. Luckily you have a torch. Unluckily, they like to blow it out. Any time they blow it out, GO TO THE CAMPFIRE to relight it again. Do a fierce attack against them every chance you get. Note that you have two other combo-options:

x x x for a 3-hit speed combo
triangle triangle for a 2 hit fierce combo

Just button mash the triangle button though. The bottom left indicator is your experience meter. You want to get that as full as possible so you can advance in level. When you advance in levels, your character can learn new skills.

Note if you want to replay, you have to sit through the videos/sequences again and many of them can't be skipped. Just a warning - they can be fun the first time or two, but after a while they get very tedious.

If you do reasonably well you can get 1288 - good. However, if you get the timing down for those triangle-attacks with a lit torch, you can get 5000 - perfect!

Now you head to Rivendell and see the whole Council of Elrond formation. Neato!

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Walkthrough

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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Review

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