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MechAssault Walkthrough: Going Down Hard

You get a pair of videos first - one with the general info about the mission, and then one of you flying down to the planet. When you crash land, you're put into a Cougar Mech - a light, fast scout.

Head north. Squish the infantry with your feet, don't bother shooting them. Now use your jump jets (right thumbstick in) to fly up over the ridge and get to the first base.

Shoot down the base, it's pretty easy. It's mostly to teach you how to destroy buildings :). You'll be alerted about a convoy and see them on your radar. Head over to the road to the supply convoy and shoot it down. Note there are salvage things in the trucks.

Follow left along the road. Now there's a small base straight ahead, destroy it and get more items. Head across to the bigger base. Get the guns first of course. Then head in to take down the buildings.

Soon guys in hybrid armor show up. These guys (or "gnats" as we call them) are very nasty to kill. You have to blast each one several times to kill it. When you do rid yourself of the gnats, destroy the rest of the base at your leisure. The building in and right gives power-up, 2 more items are found in left buildings.

When you're done - good job. Return to Icarus. Mission successful.

MechAssault Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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