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MAFIA Walkthrough
Ordinary Routine

This is your first real gunfight mission. Talk to Vincenzo and Ralphie to gather up your weapons and car. Be sure to get the gun!

Drive out to the location, and go around the back. Climb up the boxes to get to the 2nd level. Open the door and go right. Open the door there and shoot the guy on the toilet. Be sure to shoot him right in the chest - sometimes he doesn't die for some reason. Now turn around and shoot the guys coming up the stairs.

There's another door on the far wall, it's a bedroom with a health kit (+30) and a machine gun. Grab both.

Now go down the stairs and find the remaining guys. They're in a bar room with a guy holding a machine gun behind the bar. Kill everbody and go into the back room. Another guy will come in after you here. You'll find the objective and as you carry him out, someone runs in and steals the money.

Hop in your car and chase the other car, shooting it as you go. When he blows up, the level is over.

MAFIA Walkthrough

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