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MAFIA Walkthrough

Don Salieri has put all his money on a racecar driver and wants to give the driver an edge. In the middle of the night you have to go to the racetrack, grab the car, have it fixed up and drive back all very quickly.

Go out behind the bar and talk to ralph. He's in the garage under the car. You don't need any weapons for this mission.

It's nighttime now, an the racetrack is 'off the map'. Follow the signs to get there.

Drive up close to the gate. "you must be Ralph's friend." says the guard. He walks to the gate and opens it, then gets in the car with you.

Now drive down the tunnel and pull up just PAST the green arrow at the garage. Go in with him. You don't want your car to block the racecar you're driving out.

OK, now you're in the racecar. Avoid the cops, don't get any scratches on it. You have to be back within 1/2 hour. Note it's a very loud car!

When you're back on the map, put the limiter on so you don't speed. You see the destination on the map. Note when come off the bridge use the sidewalk to get to your destination on the lower road.

When you're done, head back into the garage. "You pulled it off, buddy."

Back in your regular car, and drive back to Salieri's.

MAFIA Walkthrough

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