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MAFIA Walkthrough
Race Day

Yes, I think we knew this would happen. They want you to drive the racecar. Drive over to the race track. There's a cut scene where you're nervous.

Note there is a new, special key. R1 lets you get back on track if you fall off. Do NOT press this during normal gameplay! It restarts from a dead stop.

You only have to win 3 laps even though they say it's a 5 lap race. You can always crank the race down to easy to win and then work your way back up once you get the hang of the car.

There's a party afterwards, they're all happy.

Lucas side mission:
Drive to lucas bertone's place. He says look at this great Lassiter, this is how to steal one. Follow the map to get to the car, steal it and bring it back.

New car unlocked - Lassiter v16 Phaeton Yellow

MAFIA Walkthrough

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