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MAFIA Walkthrough

This is a two-part mission. First, Luigi the bartender wants an escort for his daughter home. Her name is Sarah. You walk and talk for a while, then eventually 3 guys show up. It actually ends up being 2 groups of 3 guys each. Each group has a knife, a bat and a brass knuckles set. Take out whichever guy you want first and then use his weapon on the others.

When you're done you sleep with Sarah and have some whiskey, and of course have the traditional "smoke" afterwards.

Part 2 - better get used to it

Don Salieri is furious. Get your weapons - MVP signature bat and a Colt 1911. Before, Chinatown was blocked off, now it's open. Dark and misty. Talk to Biff, then drive to an old service station also in Chinatown.

Beat up the guys there; be very careful not to hit your own guy as you go through beating people up. When you're done, now it's a car chase. Catch them and kill them.

MAFIA Walkthrough

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