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MAFIA Walkthrough

The main character, who goes from a quiet taxi driver to a respected man in the local mob.

Don Salieri
The leader of the mob gang that Tommy joins, Don Salieri tries to be reasonable but if he's pressed, he will fight back with strength.

The lawyer for the mob, Frankie has been with Don Salieri for at least 20 years. The two are great friends.

The quiet bartender, Luigi knows when to keep quiet and when to speak up.

Sarah is Luigi's attractive daughter, who Tommy grows to be fond of.

Paulie is one of the other mob men that Tommy does a number of jobs with.

Vincenzo is your weapons guy. He hangs out in a room up a set of metal stairs, and gives you the weapons you need to handle a job.

Ralphie has a stutter and isn't very bright, but he's very good with cars. He tells you all about them.

Luca Bertone
Luca has side missions for you occasionally, usually involving stealing cars.

Salvatore shows up about halfway through the game and is your safe cracker.

MAFIA Walkthrough

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