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Zelda Majora's Mask
Town: West Clock Tower

The West Clock Tower has a few interesting locations. It is where one of the bomber boy hangs out. It has the sword training school, where you learn how to fight, and the Post Office, where you find the postman in the evenings to take his little test. You also find him there on the last day to give him the package to deliver to the Mayor's Wife.

The bomb shop has a Goron that sells you a dynamite keg, once you have learned how to use it in Goron-land. The supply shop has random supplies. The curiosity shop has the All Night Mask on the 3rd day if you've foiled the thief on Night 1 in the Northern Clock Town area. It also has anything the bird might have stolen from you.

There's a bank here which stores rupees (up to 5000) so you can carry money over from time to time. How can the bank remember you? One of those time questions we'll never get answered. There's also a lottery agent - since the numbers are the same every day, that's a relatively easy way to make some extra money once you figure out what they are. Majora's Mask Walkthrough Page

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