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Zelda Majora's Mask
The Songs

The songs often have side uses as well as their main uses!

Song of Time
* Lets you restart back to Day 1 whenever you wish
* Played backwards, slows time down so you have more actual time to work with
* Doubled, it jumps ahead short hops in time.

Song of Soaring
* Lets you jump to any owl-spot you wish, quite handy for saving time!

Epona's Song
* Calls Epona to you anywhere in the world
* Reminds the cows of their pasture, and gets you free milk
note there are cows under the log-tunnel on your way to the swamp, just use a bomb to blow a hole in its center.

Song of Healing
* Heals Kamaro, the dancing spirit on the mushroom near the ice.
* Heals the ghost of the Goron, giving you his mask.

Elegy of Emptiness
* Lets you enter the Stone Tower by pressing switches

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