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Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the last in an amazing game series. Just like Lord of the Rings wound up with a massive multi-ending-in-a-row visual fest, so does Metal Gear Solid 4 really pour on the cut scene. Make sure you have a bottle of wine, a keg of beer, a few liters of soda or whatever else you need at hand. There are MULTIPLE hours of cut scenes in here, mixed in with the gameplay.

The Walkthrough
Act 1 - Liquid Sun
... Underground Bunker
... Advent Palace
Act 2 - Solid Sun
... Confinement Facility
... Laughing Octopus
... Tracking Naomi
Act 3 - Third Sun
... After the Cutscene
... Raging Raven
Act 4 - Twin Suns
... At the Snowfield
... Underground Base
Act 5 - Old Sun
... Screaming Mantis
... Liquid Ocelot

Metal Gear Online Walkthrough

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