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Secret of Monkey Island Walkthroughs:
Starting Out

OK, to begin with, take a look at the poster on the wall. This is Governor Marley. Now it's time to meet your pirate pals. Head on into the bar, an dchat with the various pirates. Over to the right are the three key pirates - they're the ones who tell you how you, too, can become a pirate yourself.

You can sneak into the kitchen (on the far right) by hanging out near the door and waiting until the cook comes out and leaves the room. Once you get into the kitchen he won't come back and bother you, so take your time. Grab the meat and stick it into the pot. Once it turns into stew, grab that. Grab the pot too. Now head further right and step on the loose plank (by going far right) a few times until you get the fish.

Time to leave the bar and get some work done. You want to find the circuis. Walk along the path to the right, until you get the clearing at the middle of the map. When you find the circus and talk to the cannon-happy brothers, show them your pot that makes a handy helmet. They'll give you good cash for your feat.

Head back to town, down to where the out-of-sorts pirates and their parrot-happy friend hang out. Buy the map from the parrot guy with your money, and be sure to write down what the map says. This will come in handy shortly.

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