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Secret of Monkey Island Walkthroughs:
Getting the Sword and Training

OK, you've got the map and some money. Time to grab some other items. Head into the fortune teller's building on the right of the main street, and grab the chicken. Yes, it's annoying, it seems like you can't grab anything, but you can grab that. Talk to the fortune teller while you're at it.

Swing by the jailhouse to chat with the prisoner about his breath. Now head into the store. Buy yourself the sword and shovel with your money. Grab a breath mint for the prisoner, too. When you bring this back to him, he'll talk to you about carrot cakes and yellow flowers. Nifty keen. OK, time for some walking.

Head out towards the right side of the island. Give the fish to the troll - he likes that. Now go into the house and talk to the swordmaster about what he can do for you. He'll teach you the secrets of insulting people and swordfighting. I *love* this part of the game!! It's one of my favorite game techniques. Now that you've learned how to fight, you'll find plenty of people willing to challenge you. Be sure to learn their insults!

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