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Secret of Monkey Island Walkthroughs:
On the Ship

OK, your fellow ship pals have pulled out their beach chairs and taken a nap. Do some exploring here. Grab the pen and ink in the cabin, and read the book in the drawer. Go up the ladder outside and grab the flag.

Down the hatch on the deck is a rope, and in the chest is wine. There's gunpowder in the keg. This is sounding dangerous. In the ktichen, grab the cereal in the cupboard, and look inside for your key prize. You can use this in the cabin to get paper and cinnamon sticks.

Mix together the flag, ink, wine, chicken, gunpowder, cereal, mints and cinammon. Cook it in the pot. Now take the smaller pot, and stick the business card into the fire. Grab some more gunpowder ... stick the rope in the cannon, the gunpowder in the nozzle, and the flaming card with the "fuse". Use the pot quickly before it all goes out. *poof*!

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