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Myst IV Revelation Walkthrough
The Back Story

If you haven't played Myst 1-3 yet, here is a quick summary of the back story.

Once there was a man named Atreus who was a brilliant scientist. He had a lovely wife, Catherine. They had two sons - Sirrus and Achenar, and lived with the boys' grandmother, Anna. Atreus learned how to create new worlds (sort of "other dimensions") by writing books, and then could actually enter that world by touching the book. He created all sorts of lovely, fantastic worlds which even had people and creatures in them.

Then Anna died. Catherine and Atreus were quite upset and withdrew from their sons. The sons became petulant and began to run amock in the worlds, destroying them in malicious spite. When Atreus realized the horrors the sons had been creating, he became furious. He tossed the two boys into two worlds, and then destroyed the books, catching them there as prisoners.

After a few more adventures, Atreus and Catherine had a new daughter, Yeesha. Soon it was 20 years since the original imprisonment and Catherine began to hope that the boys had reformed. She and Atreus began to look for ways to talk to the two boys and find out what they were up to. Catherine wants to release the boys, but Atreus wants you to talk to the boys first to get an unbiased point of view.

From your previous encounters with the boys, you know that one is emotional and wild, while the other boy is calm, rational and deliberate. But both up until now have been quite destructive in their aims.

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