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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Character Setup Notes

Like any roleplaying game, there is no really right or wrong way to set up a character. You can be either gender (male or female) depending on what you enjoy more. You can be different races, take different skills. There are some combinations which work better than others - an elven archer is stereotypical, as is a human fighter. But there's nothing wrong with doing an unusual combination and having fun with it!

The only thing to really look at are the Skill Points. There are some types of skills that you need to 'start out' with to be able to then improve them. Look through the skills to see which ones you really are interested in, and try to make sure you get at least 1 point in each.

Don't worry too much about what is "right" or "wrong" in this stage. You're playing the game to enjoy it and roleplay. Choose a combination that appeals to you, and then have fun with it!

Note that different types of characters get different 'gifts' to start with. So fighter types get chainmail, wizard types get frost wands, and so on.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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