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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
North 2 - Coldwood

Once you're done with the Wizard's Circle area on the first Coldwood map, head further north. This second area has skeletons. Go to the gate in the middle. Kill the Vampire Champion and enter the tomb. To the right is a room with a succubus stone. TO the left is a Tome of Power. Use 2 bodak teeth and feeblemind to make a staff of power.

You soon come to Layenne's Tomb. You start with a succubus in the SE corner. She was caught by Layenne and needs a ring, necklace and gem. Give her the stone you've found and say you want doors to open. Now you can go southeast. There's the necklace - north room from here and gem - duty. Far north - bone golem champion. Kill to get the chest room with succubus ring and gem of honor. Bring the ring to the succubus - magic daggar. Third item - she attacks - kill her.

A room to the south has pedestals. You have:

NW - white - honor - king regal wisdom
NE- purple - misery - princess betrothed to one not loved
SE - green - duty - guard serves without being noticed
SW - blue - main tortured for forbidden love, wife above.

To the northwest, bash the glyph generators to kill the iron golem. When you finish you get the star sapphire and the map is done. Bring this to the trading post to Huster to get 3000gp and 400xp.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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