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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
The Five Henchmen

OK, in Chapter 2 I became very fond of Tomi. I got REALLY sick of the characters taking eons to bash through things. Tomi pops them open in seconds!

Tomi Undergallows
Character type: halfling thief
Story: Now a 'friend' of his betrayed him, or he betrayed his friend, or something depending on how you look at it. In any case he wants his gem back.
Solution: He wants his ruby back. Find it in Warev's place to the south, in a chest in the barracks. He gives you 200xp and a Ring of Rogue +3 (takes back his other ring).

Daelan Red Tiger
Character type: half-orc fighter
Story: Now he's seeking revenge for the guy that harmed his family. There's a special axe with a notch in it.
Solution: The axe is in the hands of a dwarf in the dungeon beneath the Inn to the north. He gives you 200xp and a amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +3 (takes back the other one).

Character type: lawful evil monk
Story: More death and evil and nastiness, and he wants a mummy's hand to perpetrate it.
Solution: You find a mummified hand in the catacombs beneath the graveyards to the north. He gives you 200xp and an Amulet of Long Death +3.

Character type: human archer
Story: The guy she ran off with ended up falling under the spell of a rich woman. She wants to break the spell so he can see clearly again.
Solution: You find a druid hair in the druid's home to the east. You get 200xp and a Belt of Performer +3

Linu La'Neral
Character type: cleric
Story: She finally found a true love (although she almost kills him with her clumsiness). But now he's off adventuring somewhere and is lost.
Solution: You find his journal on his dead body in the Troll Caves to the east. Ah well. You get 200xp and a Pendant of the Elf +3.

Boddyknock Glinckle
Character type: mage
Story: His mage quest continues. He accidentially destroyed his dad's garden with overenthusiastic care. He wants some special seeds.
Solution: You find the seeds in the first level of the Creator Dungeon. You get 200xp and a Lantanege Ring +3

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