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Star Wars Pit Droid: Easy Transport Ship

As in all games, the first set on the easiest level are ... truly easy. Even though you assumedly went through C-3PO training by now, they still assume you can barely move arrows at this point.

The video for this set is the start-up transporter arriving video, funny because of the slapstick routine that goes on in the background.

A) The first puzzle you hit is typically a one-arrow puzzle. You just need to turn the line once to get it into the goal. Pause the game, plunk that arrow down and rotate it properly, and let 'er rip!

B) The second puzzle is usually a "X in one hole, Y in the other" kind of situation. We've usually seen counts of 19 or 23 needing to go into the first hole. The simplest way to do this is to just sit there with an arrow, wait until 19 people go past the arrow place, and then plunk the arrow down so the rest go the other direction.

C) The third puzzle here is typically a simple key puzzle. Just turn the Pit Droids towards the key, then turn them again to get into the goal area.

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