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Star Wars Pit Droid: Easy Watto's Junkyard

The video for this set is the "Ballerina Act". Now you get into the next level of complexity - tools.

A) The first mission usually has you do simple sorting. "All wrenches here, all reds there, everyone else to the third spot". Simply use the arrows to sort them out appropriately.

B) Luckily these are polite droids in this level, and simply wait their turns. The second mission is usually just another sort-them-out mission, with them slowly moving to their various goals.

C) The third mission is often a fun "sequence of arrows" - the droids are all one color, and have to get across a field of arrows with various symbols. Make each tool go across a path that doesn't move that tool at all, and then at the other end point them all back into the goal.

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