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Lisa Shea
BellaOnline's Computer / Console Game Editor


Planescape Torment:
Inside: Middle Floor

A quick note on assigning stats to your char. Choose two or three you really want, and build those up. Don't just choose one - this game really does take into account what those stats are. I like to go for intelligence and wisdom, because it gives you many more conversation choices, and brings your memory back more quickly if you're observant. Also, return here when you learn 'Stones-Bones-Tell' to talk to the various zombies.

You begin the game on the middle level of the mortuary building, on a slab in the SW prep room. You meet your key man (or skull) Morte. Talk with him to learn about Pharod, who brought you here, and your missing journal. Morte lets you know you need to find a key to leave this room.

First, examine the tables. You should find two bandage rolls and a scalpel. Examine each corpse - one has the key in a death grip. Unfortunately you have to kill it to get the key. You can now leave the door to the top left. Zombie 825 was hung and won't talk, neither will 569.

The next room begins with Morte telling you not to randomly kill corpses, and to save the female ones. Ummmmm, right. There are two female corpses in here - 594 and 626. Neither will talk. Corpse 965 that walks in triangles and won't talk either. Morte tells you about the "Rule of 3" here - the belief that many have that all things, good or bad, happen in threes.

The Receiving Room has a corpse (396) carrying bandages. Just take them from him, he won't talk. Another corpse (1201) has a note sewn into him - use the scalpel to remove it for 250 xp. The notes will say something like "Note from 1201" and tell you to use that corpse ID to fold by. Fold the corners in order of the marks - the one with one mark first, then the one with two, and so on. You get 250 xp for folding properly, and now you have a triangle earring. When you identify it later, you find it's a lucky earring that will give you coins three times. He won't talk either.

Corpse 1072 won't talk, neither will 1096 with a braid. However, 1094 is the handsome Asonje, whose spirit resides in lovely Arborea.

The other person in here is Dhall - a Githzerai dustman who is on your side. Ask him every question you can think of - he has lots of information for you. He knows you've been back repeatedly, and he's sick and will probably be dying soon. You get 250xp if you tell Dhall about the fake zombie. On to the next room.

This room just has corpse 1664 with books - take a page from them. This gives information on some of the recent arrivals. He won't talk.

The NE Prep Room has bandages in one of the tables. It also has your first quest. Ei-Vene is a tiefling who stitches up the zombies. She wants a needle and embalming juice. In this very room you find a zombie (506/78) with a needle and thread - take them for 100 xp. You also find he has two IDs. He won't talk. A second zombie (257) has crooked eyes and babbles of Limbo if you talk to him. There's also a zombie that's wobbly - if you try to help him he falls anyway, and you get a good arm to use for combat.

The next room has a fake zombie in it, who wants a key from Ei-Vene. Quest #2. You can't finish this one until you get the juice, so go on to the next room.

The SE Prep Room has two embalming juice in it. Force the table open (with the arm perhaps?) and get bandages and a circle earring (you learn its use on the top floor). The final door on this level needs a key, so return to Ei-Vene.

As you watch Ei-Vene's hands, you suddenly remember putting something important into Corpse #42 (250xp). Give her the two items to finish your quest with her (another 250xp). Wait and watch her, and she'll stitch you up, increasing your max HP. Now ask her for the key, and she'll give it to you, plus another 250xp.

Return to the fake zombie - give him the key and get 250xp. He tells you that there's a portal to leave on the first floor, that you need a finger bone crook to activate it. This is worth another 250xp. If you ask, he admits he can make you into a zombie, if you have embalming fluid, needle and thread. Time to head upstairs briefly.

Run up the stairs. Right below the first room you'll find a needle and thread. Grab it and head back downstairs. You get 500xp and now are disguised as a zombie. You're set with the middle floor. Head back upstairs to explore.

The final locked room to the south just has zombie 891, who won't talk.

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