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Planescape Torment:
Inside: Bottom Floor

You've lost your disguise by this point, so be sure to run from any dustmen you meet. Nothing else will hurt you. Return here when you learn Stones-Bones-Tell to talk to the zombies.

The key thing on this floor is to talk to Deionarra, to the east. This is the ghost of your lover, a Sensate you used and discarded but who loved you immensely. You get 1000xp for remembering that you can bring party members back from death, and you get 500xp when she agrees to help you escape.

In the center room, there's a crescent hatchet (2-7 dmg) hanging on the wall. The zombie to the south is carrying a tome that is useful with the giant skeletons. He's too far gone to talk. If you examine the giant skeletons, and use the book, you can figure out how to defeat them. Do ward-rune-necromancer-arm for 800xp, and use their breastplates to learn a warding spell.

The zombie to the lower east is Zhueng Bei, tutor to Liu Xixi. He tells you a long tale about failing in his quest to save her, and how this was centuries ago so both she and her kidnappers are long dead. The zombie to the upper east won't talk.

The portal out is just north of Deionarra's tomb, and activates to the bone charm, which is shaped like a crooked finger.

Head through, into a little tomb. You'll find money and a note from Penn, a printer in the lower ward, to the fake zombie. Grab both, and leave the tomb through the door to the west. You're now out in the Hive proper.

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