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Planescape Torment:

Baator is one of the nastiest areas in the game. TONS of Red Abishai everywhere. The damsel in distress in the middle west is a fake - ignore her. Run south and east to get to the Pillar of Skulls.

Leave Morte in the entryway - turns out he was once in the pillar, because he caused your death through lying once. He's been with you for ages, and only 4 or 5 times you've acdtually made it this far. You are the one who freed him, in a previous incarnation.

The skulls warn that the musk of Falls from Grace will attract the Battezu, and that Lord Bel will be angry. Pharod is in there, and Annah admits she dislikes him greatly. As about the Fortress, and in return they want to know where Forked Tongue is. You can't lie, they just ask again, so tell them.

They say the key to the Fortress is to write a regret on your flesh. They say that Trius 'The Betrayer' knows where the portal is. Any other questions require you donating one of your party to the pile, so return to the main Baator room with Morte. Just go straight west along the southern wall, and when you tuck yourself in the very southwest corner, you can go through the portal back to the skeleton.

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