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Lisa Shea
BellaOnline's Computer / Console Game Editor


Planescape Torment:

The Brothel is in the Clerk's Ward. It is where the female Sensates hang out.

It is run by Fall-From-Grace, who is from the Grey Waste between Baator and the Abyss. She'll join you if you find a compelling reason. After you do all of the quests here, talk to her again. She wants you to talk to all 10 students - admit that the tenth is yourself. Say that she can seek new experiences. For 10,000xp she'll join, and for another 1000xp talk about her name - she says an earned name is better than a given one. She also says Morte is from Baator and is a baatezu fiend.

You meet Dolora, who plays a game to give you 5000xp and a memory, and a debate for 5000xp and another memory. she wants her keys back from Merriman in the Civic Festhall. Get them by giving Merriman the birds from the art gallery, and she gives you 30,000xp. She tells you that Ecco wooed the paramour of Paramisha, and had her voice stolen as a result. She needs a replacement voice.

To the south is Yves Tale Chaser, who gives you 500xp per tale. Learn her tales to tell her mom, who works at the art gallery. She tells you of Ecco, a silent prostitute who Dolora knows.

Mondron, very lawful entities, are busily watching Dolora. That's because she's a constructed entity.

Vivian had her personal scent stolen. When you return the veil to Marissa, tell Vivian you smelled the scent on it. She'll give you 25000xp and +1 Charisma.

Ask Nenny Nine-Eyes about the scent, and prod her to learning how to be angry for 5000xp. She says Marissa took the scent. Later, ask her about the veil, and she saw a man in Kimasxi's room who might have taken it.

Juliette is bored, is the girlfriend of Montague. Agree to get fake love letters for her from Penn.

Kimasxi Adder Tongue is a nasty person. She says Marissa stole the scent from Vivian. She gets into a verbal war with Monte and is impressed by him. Grab a handkerchief from her room - you'll need it later on.

Marissa is a medusa to the north. She says someone stole her crimson veil. When you get it from Luis, she'll give you 25000xp for its return.

The room to the southwest has a fake Armoire - Luis. Whine to him until you get the veil from him.

Ecco needs a new voice - it was stolen. She can't speak. Get the Fiend's Tongue from the shop, and now she curses up a storm!! Go back and you'll get the Deva's Tears (999c). When you give this to Ecco you get 30000xp. You learn that Ravel has children, and that Kesai-Serris is one of them.

Kesai-Serris talks about dreams until you learn about her parent. Talk to Nenny, then Juliet (10,000xp), then Kimasxi (Kesai's half sister), then Kesai again, then Yves, who says to dig further. Now if you talk to Kimasxi, she says to ask her dad, a cambion. Now talk to Kesai again and she'll have a telepathic conversation with dad. Listen in, and you'll learn it is true. Ask Kesai for some of her blood - give her the handkerchief you took from Kimasxi. YOu get 40,000xp for this. Planescape Torment Walkthrough
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