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Lisa Shea
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Planescape Torment:
Civic Festhall

The Civic Festhall is in the Clerk's Ward. It is where the Sensates hang out.

In the Festival Hall entrance is Splinter, the priest-king of Ur. Have him help the dad get in to see Deionarra's memory once you know about it. when you are looking for Merriman, he says he's over to the east. Become a Sensate to get into the private sensorium.

To the south of the private area is a green messenger stone, where you talk to the hag for 6000xp. She says you have to find the door near forges and steel (portal, you get with your legacy receipt). Know the key by loosening a tongue in the hall (Quell's, he says you need a piece of the hag from the brothel). Finally, unlock the key.

To the east is a longing stone, with Deionarra's memory. She left a legasy with her father, with 6th, 3rd, Kay, "S". You get 2000xp2000xp for remembering the legacy, and 2000xp for telling Annah you are fine. To the west is a purple stone, of Arborea hunting. This is a trap for you, which you escape for 500xp by saying if it lets your other self out, it must let you out.

Quell is in here, and wants exotic candy. Give him the chocolate Quasit for 8000xp and he'll say the key to Ravel's maze is a piece of her - go to the Brothel to learn more. He sells spells and magical chocolates.

The Public Sensorium has Lady Thorncombe who won't talk to you. It also has an incredibly annoying series of stones to run back and forth to. These are (counting rooms clockwise from the stairs):

  • Unavoidable Pain - 1st - 750xp
  • Tender Love - 2nd - 750xp
  • Mind-numbing Tedium - 3rd - 750xp
  • Sheer Wonder - 4th - 750xp
  • Consuming Impatience - 5th - 750xp
  • Tired Surrender - 6th - 750xp
  • Supernatural Lust - 7th - 750xp

  • Psychosis - 1st - 750xp
  • Festering Jealousy - 2nd - 750xp
  • Bitter Loathing - 3rd - 750xp
  • Pure Glee - 4th - 750xp
  • Frightened Exhileration - 5th - 750xp
  • Grim Determination - 6th - 750xp
  • Complete Bafflement - 7th - 750xp

  • Horrible Regret - 8th - 1500xp
  • Shock & Vengeance - 9th - 1500xp
  • Slowly Dawning Horror - 10th - 1500xp

  • Indescribeable Frustration - 8th - 1500xp
  • Vastly Important Secret - 9th - 1500xp
  • Lyncanthropy - 10th - 1500xp
You have to go ask for each one manually to activate it, often going through three menus to get to the choice. Be sure to SAVE after this series!!

Back in the main hall is Jumble Murdersense, who curses you with hiccups. When you get the counter-curse from Salabesh, you get 10,000xp for that plus 1000xp for getting him to remove the curse from Reekwind. Mertwyn the Headless wants his head. Montague, a factotum, is upset that his girlfriend is bored. When you later bring the fake love letter, admit the ruse for 5000xp. Then tell him to get back at her by playing cool, for another 5000xp.

Ghysis the Crooked is to the south, lecturing on the Blood War, with the Tanar'ri (chaos) vs the Baatezu (law). Greywash/glooms is where the night hags live. You get 1500 for a memory. The W Lecture Hall has 3-planes-aligned, a gihtzerai scholar who talks about Abyss being Chaotic Evil, Baator being Lawful Evil, Mechanus being Lawful Neutral, Mount Celestria being Lawful Good and the Outlands being Neutral. Areas slide when their population become one of these alignments.

The lecture in the Eastern Hall is Death's Advocate, lecturing on the afterlife. Prove to him you can die, to show him up. To the south are various training rooms for warriors, thieves and mages.

Merriman is near here, and wants to forget in return for Dolora's keys. He wants a draught of the river Styx. When you return with the bird from the art gallery in the mug from the drunken mage, you get 12000xp and the keys.

The doors to the far NE and SE are guestrooms. The woman remembers you, and lets you into your eastern room. Have Annah open the locked chest, and get the deodecahedron puzzle. You get 5000xp for opening it. When the linguist teaches you the language again, you learn that you swallowed a ring on purpose, shadows chase you, your legacy is 51-AA, and a few other things.

Unfulfilled desire is here, and removes desires for things. You'll refer a drunken mage to her later on.

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