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Planescape Torment:
Curst Gone

When you return from Baator, you are really hoping to find a store to sell all your stuff. No such luck!! Curst has been sucked into evil. Talk to the gate to Ceceri to find out what's going on. The dump guy is north and east, and says you must get the town all to forgive in order to return it to normal.

Find the executioner and judge nearby. Tell them we'll all be killed if they continue, and for 225,000xp they'll stop. There's a cart stuck to the right, with Tovus Giljaf and Berrog. Save them both for a scroll. To the east, save Jasilya (again) for 75,000xp. Jujog is on a platform to the right - tell him about monsters for 150,000xp. In the warehouse Ebb Creakknees also has to hear about the monsters before he offers to help. He gives you a scroll of Desert Hell.

To the top right is the hermit,who heals you and vanishes. To the top right is an official - tell the crowd that he has no power over you to get them to calm down. You're now ready to face the deva. Head into the admin building, in the top right. At the top of the building is the Deva.

He says the city made a compact with the lower planes. He wants to attack Mt Celestia with fiends. You can try to talk him out of attacking, but he's convinced this is the only way. He's got some really nasty spells, so go directly after him with as many heavy-handed spells as you can. When you beat him, he gives in. Vow to spare his life, and he says the torus is above the spine - the mortuary is the portal, and the key is to carry regret on your skin. He'll apologize to his father, too. You get 375,000xp and a scroll of Celestrial Host.

You now return to CD2, to the Wall of Names, and you can SELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THINGS!!!!!!!!! Finally!! Sell, and return to the Mortuary for the Fortress of Regrets.

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