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Lisa Shea
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Planescape Torment:

Interesting name for a town. You get 10,000xp for entering Curst, a lovely place. It's also very annoying - you can tell this came at the end of the game. There are lots of places and people who simply do nothing until their part in the quests is activated. There are also people who talk to you as if you've already talked to them and learned Part 1 of what they're up to, if you do things out of order. You might want to only talk to people you have to, at least in the beginning, to avoid some of this annoyance.

Roberta wanders the streets, looking for Carl Porfidor, her hubby. She tells you the daughter of the barkeep is missing, and that Tovus Giljaf is in chrage - he's a githzerai wizard. She is intending to kill her husband for cheating on her. Warn the guards in the barracks about her.

In the Tavern, "Traitor's Gate", Chek'ka Plute is watching Tainted Barse for signs of his secret tunnel. Talk to Tainted Barse, the barkeep. His daughter is missing. He says the Deva is beneath the town in a prison, and to talk to Marquez to get all five parts to a special key. Marquez , in the western side of the bar, says there are slavers to the east of the Inner Curst - find Barse's daughter for the first key.

OK, head north and then east. You'll find the slavers. It's a bit tricky, but somehow draw them away from Jasilyn and keep them away, and kill them all. Tell Marquez and you get 65,000xp and "Such place eternal justice had prepared for those rebellious". Now on to Kitla.

Kitla is interested in the two legacies of the blacksmith and distiller. Note if you started in on either brother before now, it sort of screws up the quest. See previous note on annoyances. Anyway, Kester is the distiller in inner crust, and Crumplepunch is the blacksmith. Go back and forth between the two, then tell Crumplepunch they should split the money for 150,000xp. Kester is greedy and doesn't like it, so be sure to get everything you need from him before you do this. You get "There their prison ordained in other darkness" from Kitla, and go on to Nabat.

Nabat is to the south, and he wants you to save the Dump Caretaker. Up until now the Kyse, the caretaker has said he knows a way to the undercity. Now you talk to Kyse and he says the thug, Wernet, is in the inner Curst area. Go and talk to Wernet, then return to Kyse. The thugs will attack - save Kyse and return to Nabat. Nabat gives you 43,750xp and "their portion set". Now go find Dallan.

Dallan is to the East. He wants you to deal with An'izius. This guy is in the circle to the far north of Inner Curst. He says Siabha has been selling influence. Find her by the entrance to the government buildings, and she offers you double to refuse. Tell the captain by the gate about both of them for 200,000xp. Dallan is pleased, 87,500xp, and gives you "As far removed from Gods and light of Heaven". Finally, on to Dona Quisho.

Dona wants a fiend freed and gives you a scroll. Talk to Falls From Grace about this. She says if it's a baatezu you can bargain, and if it's a tanar'ri you can use logic on it. Go to the grain silo and use the Scroll of Angril-Shanak. You get 60,000xp and a tanar'ri shows up. This is another place where if you do various things you can screw up the game. Just talk to him briefly and leave him, returning to Dona. She gives you the final piece - "as from the center thrice to the utmost pole.".

Gather up whatever you need - you won't be coming back to civilization, with a store, or anything, for quite a while. Elsewhere in the bar, upstairs, is Berrog Quickshoes who wanted to help the Deva. Tell him to go. The locked door just has a thug behind it. When you're set, talk to Barse, and he'll let you in the tunnel.

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