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Lisa Shea
BellaOnline's Computer / Console Game Editor


Planescape Torment:
Hive: East

The first thing you encounter in the hive is the Post. This is a zombie that has messages and notices stuck to him. Grab the cobblestone for 250xp. You learn about the bounty on rat tails from the Vermin Control. There's a want ad from Norochj, at the Gathering Dust Bar which is right behind the zombie. Grafitti for Pharod reveals that he's to the far west (500xp). You also learn the Smoldering Corpse Bar is to the far south.

There are several interesting people in the Gathering Dust Bar. First, Sere Skeptic. Encourage her doubts about the Dustman philosophy for 500xp. You meet Emoric of the 4th Circle. He explains how Dustmen go from the 5th circle to the 1st, and wants info on Pharod. When you return and tell him of Pharod's reusing-bodies-trick (hopefully after he's dead anyway), Emoric gives you 2500xp and 100c.

Old Coppereyes won't talk to you, but you hear from others that he loves money. Mortai Gravesend remembers you from somewhere, and wants you to sign a contract giving the Dustmen rights to your dead body. Yeah, right. To the south, Awaiting Death goes on and on about wanting to die. Tell him it's not all it's cracked up to be, by twisting your own neck. He realizes that death is not the ultimate end, and is grateful (500xp).

Also in the bar is Norochj, who was advertising on the Post Zombie. He needs help with the Masoleum - there is a disturbance there. Agree to help, and he gives you the sign to activate the portal. The Masoleum is due north from this map. If you clear it out and return, Norochj gives you 1000xp and 200c.

Talk to a Dabus nearby - they are the servants of the town. Figure out their rebus language for 1000xp. They don't tell you much though. The house to the south has Angyar and his wife, who won't talk to you.

Baen the Sender is in here - he needs you to send a message to Craddock. You'll find him in the merchant area - when you return to let Baen know the message has been delivered, he gives you 30c and 500xp.

Death-of-Names is by the monument in the center. You can ask to see the name of your lovely Deionarra. Later, when you meet the crier of Es-Amon, you can come here and ask to have the name of that city listed. You pay a small fee and get 500xp for that. Also in here is Sev'Tai who hates the Chaosmen. She asks you to kill three of the "Starved Dogs" to the south. When you return with this done, she gives you 250xp and an earring.

To the northeast is a building with Shilandra the spellcaster. She refuses to speak with you until you show up with Moridor's Box, sent by Brasken. She admits that she instigated the box's circulation, and for 250xp she advises you bring it to Aola in the Cathedral in Angle-land.

Ingress is walking around - she's been stuck here since she was 10 and wants to get home again. Candrian in the Smouldering Corpse Bar will do the trick - tell her to trust Candrian and she is taken home.

You also meet Annah, who is incidentially the daughter of Pharod. She tries to get you killed by sending you into the Angles area. Nice. She joins you later on, when you complete Pharod's egg quest.

By the mortuary is Pox, who says he's smuggled you into the mortuary many times. When he does, you simply appear where you always start out. I prefer to tell the gatekeeper that I'm there to visit with Deionarra, and go from there.

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