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Planescape Torment:
Hive: Painted Door

You can only enter this door once you have Annah join you, when you complete Pharod's Quest. She explains how you can enter the painted door off the southeast hive area - by not looking at it as you open it. When you enter, you see a video of the shadows killing off Pharod. Poor Pharod.

You meet various strange people in here, all Chaosmen. A painter in the first room won't talk. To the north, two Chaosmen fight each other. Tiresias to the east is not very friendly - I try to avoid him.

Sybil to the west warns you of a gathering of them in the next room, and tells you to go upstairs to find a key and sneak around them. The stairs are just to the south from here.

Go up and fight your way through the various Chaosmen you hit. At the end of a hall you'll find a Chaosman mage. Kill him to get the key to the door. When you go back downstairs, go southwest and open the door, but don't go through it. Continue southwest, and you'll find a bathroom with a final Chaosman. There's a loose board in the wall next to here - go through it and you can sneak west out the door to the Alley of Sighs.

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