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Lisa Shea
BellaOnline's Computer / Console Game Editor


Planescape Torment:
Hive: Southeast

This area has the Smoldering Corpse, a very interesting bar. Hanging around outside is Jhelai, who for 250xp tells you he won't return to Craddock. Amarysse is hanging out nearby but won't talk until you have met Nodd in Ragpicker's Square. It's her brother, and she's happy to hear about him, and gives you 100c to bring up to him.

In the bar is Prusilla, Ingus' lover. Ingus just hangs there and burns. Lots of fun. Eventually you return with the decanter and it's key word, and free Ingus (5000xp). He joins your party, and burns up Prusilla by accident. Talk to him of flame for 1500xp - for 6000xp you realize you taught him about flame, and for 10,000xp you get a memory of it.

Ebb Creekknees is very talkative - he's a Harmonium justice person. Alais is chasing Tir Tanelel. Explain to him what planes really are and he'll give you 250xp. "O" remembers you - ask him about existence and get +1 to your wisdom.

Candrian is a plane walker. He gives you a 'nothing charm' to shield you from nothing, and agrees to help Ingress. When he returns, successful, you get 750xp and her teeth, which are a useful weapon for Morte.

Dak'kon is a Githzera who explains how all in his world is chaos that you must shape into matter through force of will. Talk about the city being flawed, and if you remind him we must continue to ask questions you get 500xp. Push more and you get 1000xp and he joins you.

There are three Mercykillers ("Red Death") - Caleb, Tarner, and Ilsidon. Caleb is a young recruit; Tarner is a wiser one who recognizes you as an ancient killer. They are all quite lawful.

Barkis, the bartender, wants 500c for your eyeball, and for 1000xp you put it in. It gives you memories of a chaos land, and increases your proficiency points. He tells you a bit about the patrons here. He wants you to get rid of Mochai - when you do, he gives you 1000xp and all the drinks you want. Later, you bring a note to post from Giltspur.

Ilquix loves chaos, and is untrustworthy. Aethelgrim and Tegar'in are both Abishai deserters who love the law. To the far right is Mochai, a fake dustwoman who is addle-brained. Give her money to pay her tab, and she'll leave.

Outside the bar is a group of ruffians who have stolen Porphiron's prayer beads. Offer them cash and they'll turn them right over.

Further south is a Chaosman Barking-Wilder. Growl at him, and talk to him about your journal. You get 1000xp and are told you must find multiple journals. One is in a cupboard in a guestroom in the hall of Sensales. One is in the wall of a tomb where the stones weep (the Weeping Stone Catacombs).

The other barking dogs are to the east by the tattoo parlor. Kill them for Sev'Tai in Hive: East. Fell in the tattoo parlor is a wealth of knowledge. He's a Dabus who no longer serves the Lady, helping Aoskar against her. He sells tattoos - each of your party can wear two at a time. He explains that your current tattoo is a mark of torment. Shadows killed you in the past, and you must go to where shadows have gone mad and regrets scar the earth. He also comments that you should not sign anything. When you find your tattooed arm in the Catacombs, bring it to Fell to gain new tattoo options and to learn about your four previous companions.

One was unloved, who loves one who does not love (i.e. Deionarra)
One who does not see what others see, and sees what they do not
One who is familiar, bound by duty
One who is a slave, where the chains are words.

Ku'atraa has a warehouse to the left - he's taking inventory. When you show up with the box from Mar (by the flophouse), he panics and for 250xp tells you to bring it to Brasken and flees. Outside is a Barkeur, a man/ram from Ysgard.

To the top right is Mourns-for-trees. Tell him you'll help him, and convince your party members to do the same, and you'll get 500xp. You get another 500xp when you ask if it's helping and he says it is. Later on, during a Mebbeth quest, you bring him a seed. He says you should focus on the seed to make it grow. It works, for 500xp.

Beware the Damsel in Distress - it's a trap. The painted door isn't open to you now, but later when you return with Annah, she'll tell you you can get in by not looking at it. This leads to the Painted Door area.

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