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Lisa Shea
BellaOnline's Computer / Console Game Editor


Planescape Torment:
Hive: West

This area has the merchants and the Vermin Control. You can buy and sell most things you find here. Iron Nalls wanders around gathering up nails and wood. She is quite intrigued by Annah, when you talk to Nalls with Annah around.

There's Gaoha, a githezerai to the top of the merchant area, a gambler. He looks to Dak'kon before talking to you, and says you have no luck at all, not good nor bad. Prophyra won't talk right now. You can buy a pet Lim-Lim from the merchant, and play with it if you like.

Kossah-Jai is the fish lady. You're sent to talk to her about ink during the Mebbeth quest. She doesn't have it, and points you at Meir'am a bit south. Meir'am remembers you - you had a woman who loved you (Deionarra) and a loyal follower (probably Ignus). Meir'am has the fish ink - you just need a tankard from the pottery lady to hold it in. That's the only time the pottery lady sells you anything.

Creeden sells ratsies of all shapes and sizes. Gisgorl sells rags, and is useful during one of Mebbeth's quests - for 500xp he gives you her laundry. The food merchant is also helpful for a Mebbeth quest - he doesn't recognize the seed you bring him, but suggests you try Mourns-For-Trees (500xp).

Reekwind to the south tells you stories for money - he tells how Ingus tried to burn the twisted angle area down and was captured by the rest of the mages in the area. You can talk to him about your own story and explain how a man who knows his name is better off, getting 1000xp and a clipped copper (for luck). He wants you to get revenge on the person who cursed him, in the Clerk's Ward. When you remove the curse and return, he gives you 5000xp and writes down 3 stories in your journal.

To the south is a pickpocket posing as Ash-Mantle, a dustman. Grab his hand when you discover his trick, and you can get info on Pharod. Tell him to scram when you're done.

Craddock is here. Tell him the message from Baen, and he'll say he needs Jhelai to get the work done. Jhelai is by the Smoldering Corpse, to the south. When you find Jhelai he refuses to come. If you return and tell Craddock this, he'll agree to let you do the work, and pay you for it. (plus give 500xp).

The Vermin Control office will pay you cash for any rat tails you bring in, and has a quite paranoid owner, Phineas T Lout XXXIX. When you bring him enough rat tails, he'll tell you about a wererat in his basement and give you a key. The wererat is easy to kill, and you get 1000xp and 200c. I like to leave my pile of skulls and armbones in here, just to have somewhere to stick them.

The Crier of Es-Annon is to the south here. Agree to get the town name written on a tombstone. When you return with the name enscribed on the tombstone to the east, you get 500xp and the crier's undying affection.

To the east is Brasken's home. He doesn't want you in it at first. At some point you get Moridor's Box from Mar and are told by Ku'atraa to bring it to Brasken. You get 250xp for trying but he points you at Shilandra.

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