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Planescape Torment:
Alley of Sighs & Lingering Sighs

You get here through the Painted Door area. This is a good time to talk to Annah about various things - you get your ring back. She's able to train you as a thief if you want. Sybil thanks you for freeing her at this point, giving you 1000xp and a green tear.

You find a Dead Dabus in one of the buildings. Use Stones-Bones-Tell on him (1000xp) to learn he was trapped in here and in essence died of starvation. Interesting. You find stairs down that lead to a blank wall.

There's a door to the southeast. Annah says this is where she found you. A face appears in the wall and says he saw shadows kill you. He wants to bud - you have to remove the dabus in the above area. Go up and tell that dabus about his dead Dabus friend - the face traps him in the same room, and gives you 11500xp. Now he wants the repairs undone.

Get your hands on a prybar and hammer from the various merchants. Use the prybar on the hovel above the pentagon shape, and the hammer on the building across from the crates. Return to the face, for 16520xp and access to the lower and clerk wards, on CD3. Note that now you can jump to anywhere on the map when you leave an area. This is quite handy.

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