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Lisa Shea
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Planescape Torment:
Lower Ward

You get to the lower ward once you help the face in the Alley of Lingering Sighs.

Warning - the very first thing that happens when you enter this area is two rat-men grab Morte and drop all his stuff on the ground. Be sure to pick up whatever he dropped.

Vorten is a Harmoniam officer right now who says you should talk to Ebb with any questions. Ebb's in the Smouldering Corpse. Sebastion can help you with your scars, if you deal with an Abishai named Grosuk. Grosuk's to the east of the map. If you admit to Grosuk that Sebastion sent you, it's considered 'not good' even tho I think Sebastion trying to kill his way out of a contract is bad to begin with. In any case, kill Grosuk to get Sebastion to increase your charisma. You need Sebastion later anyway. Grosuk was trying to get into the Seige Tower.

Sebastion tells you that Morte is probably with Lothar in the ruined house to the south. He also tells you about the Shadow-Sorcelled Key, which opened all portals at once. For 500xp you remember that *you* started the rebellion with the key and were caught by the Lady of Pain.

Xanthia is a pretty, but stuck up woman who wants three Thokola dead because they ruined her dress. She has them fighting an Abishai, which can only be hurt by magic. Warn them for 6000xp and some money. When you tell Xanthia, you get 2000xp and her sworn vengeance.

You can't talk with Yi'minn (a githyanki) or Kii'na (a zerth) because both would fight with Dak'kon. Great. Bryon Pikit is a slimy moneylender who gives you 2000xp if you are curious about thieves. Giltspur also tells you about Lothar, and wants a handbill printed by Scofflaw Penn. He gives you 50c and 6000xp for that quest. Now he wants something sent to Keldor of Durian at the foundry. You get 6000xp and 200c for that delivery. Finally he wants something posted at the Smoldering Corpse - that gets you 8000xp and the end of his errands.

Scofflaw Penn, the printer, destroys the note from the tomb if you show it to him. He does the love letter for Juliette later for 100c.

Hamrys is the coffin maker. You get 500xp for asking about his father - he built your tomb in the Drownded Nations. The plans are at the warehouse. Dimtree is a zombie of Sebastion's and wants to be free. Talk to Sebastion and learn the chant, and you get 4000xp for freeing him. You get 2000xp when you tell him you fetched the plans. Later on, you also get the coffin pillow through him - after a long lecture on coffins, he tells you it's at the warehouse. Go grab it.

Lothar, in the ruined building, wants a greater skull. Tell him your tomb is empty and you get 3000xp. You can get into the Crypt fo Dismemberment area by going through his basement. Mantouk wants cheese to get past. Get Soego's Skull from the Dead Nations area, and Lothar givesyou 15000xp and Morte back.

He says your mortality was stolen by Ravel Puzzlewell, a night hag that was mazed by the Lady of Pain. He suggests you visit the Civic Festhall to learn more.

Lazlo, in the merchant area, talks about the meaning of the Lower Ward. Claim you don't know what the meaning is, and he tellsa bout the Abashai wanting to get into the tower. You trigger a Lady of Pain memory (500xp) and figure out how to get into the Siege Tower.

Cinder sels spells, and tells how Byron killed Zac, making his wife Trist a slave because of missing papers. Karina gives you 2000xp if you say she's nice. Anze sells weapons. Corvus, the soldier, gives 2000xp when you tell him about Karina being lonely. He warns you about Byron.

Talk to Trist at the slaver area, and she tells you about Lenny. Ask the trader not to sell her yet. Talk to Lenny and for 1000xp he says he has the papers, for 1000xp you admit you work for Trist, and for 4000xp he gives you a bonus code for the warehouse. The warehouse now turns over both papers to free Trist and some to incriminate Byron. You also get your tomb plans.

How give the papers to Corvus, who for 2000xp turns in Byron. Give the others to the auctioneer for 4000xp to free Trist. She gives you some money for thanks.

An'azi is a sick githzerai by the foundry entrance. Dak'kon says all you can do is put her out of her misery, so you do so. You get some money from her corpse.

You can get into the Siege Portal because of your talk with Lazlo, and talk to Coaxmetal - a giant metal golem who says entropy seeks to destroy order. He says your enemy can't confront you directly, so take the battle to him. This is your enemy's weakness. If you givehim blood, he gives you a weapon that can kill you (10,000xp) but this only works in a shell cut off from all planes.

The Foundry has its own page.

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