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Pod Racer Walkthrough: 6: Oovo IV

This is probably the level that gets most people amazed the first time they play it. First off, you're in a grey prison area, zipping through narrow passageways, and you get to these rotating doors. Always aim for the middle of them, just in case they do rotate.

Next, a trio of propellers look hard to get through, but usually you can do a left-right-left (or opposite) pattern and easily went your way through. You sigh and think you're OK. Then you're suddenly in gravity-less tunnels with asteroids around the corners, and energy beams in the middles of huge rooms! Waaaaaaaaaaa! You really have to be alert at this point, and not make any jerky moves.

Ease away from each asteroid - there's plenty of space around each one, if you don't slam your controller around and hit a wall or something. Usually your enemies will take out a few with their bodies, too. Just go easy and gentle, and you'll whip right through the asteroids.

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