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Pod Racer Walkthrough: 1: Executioner

If you try this race before you finish the previous two sets of races, you are probably quite intimidated by the speed of your fellow racers, and the twists and turns. However, by the time you get here through the normal course of events, you've mastered many of the skills you'll need, and your racer will be quite powerful, fast, and agile.

Many of your skills will be called on here. There are thin passageways to squeeze through, shortcuts to find. At the second dip after that first needle-threading, take the straight shortcut. You'll do what I think of as the "death star dive" - a 90 degree straight down turn, just like the missles did in Episode 4 when Luke shot the chute.

Watch out for the rotating door, and when you hit the four tunnels, take the one just right of center. That's it!

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