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Pod Racer Walkthrough: Cheats

Normally I dislike cheats immensely. If I'm playing a game, I want to win it because I played well, not because I hit alt-star-z-z-w. When I'm playing against other players, I certainly don't want them to win because they did something like that either!!

Sometimes, though, a 'cheat' gives you neat abilities that are just fun to play with. I think of the Age of Empires cheats that give you fun units and neat weapons - you don't use them when playing against other people, but you use them to play around on your own.

So, with that in mind, here's a fun cheat with Pod Racer. Don't use it to win the game!! It's interesting, though, to "tweak" your pod after you've won and see how the various settings affect pod handling. Sort of like having an uber-mechanic in your employ.

Select an empty save file.
Hold down the Z button
enter the following name:
Make sure you use the L button to enter each letter, and use the L button to end the name.
Now, during a race press PAUSE.
Then press L D R U on the control pad.

That's it! You now have full access to the DEBUG menu and can customize your pod any way you wish.

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