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Testchamber 10
Portal Walkthrough

Warnings Active: Jumping Into Portal, Flying Out Of Portal

Make a portal on the floor and fall into it. The orange portal, located above you, will take your momentum and launch you forward onto the raised platform. Go into the next room and put a blue portal in the pit. Jump off of the extruding bit of floor into the portal and the momentum gained will again launch you across the gap. Go through the door and notice the reversed portal location; the orange portal is now at the bottom of the pit. Turn around and notice the t-shaped bit of wall pushing out. Make a portal in the center of it and jump into the orange portal. Turn around again and notice a part of the wall pushing out more. Make another portal and jump back into the orange portal. Because of your angle of falling, you will most likely exit upside-down; this is normal.

Portal Walkthrough

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