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Ratchet and Clank 2 Going Commando Walkthrough
Maktar Resort - Battle Arena

The battle arena has a TON of challenges you can do to earn bolts and build up your health levels. So you'll be coming back here often. Don't worry about doing all the challenges now.

The first challenge is 6 rounds. They are:

1 - bunch of green guys.
2 - green guys and spider robots.
3 - bunch of spinny slicers.
4 - more green gladiators
5 - spider robots with flamethrowers, obstacles in floor.
6 - all of them!

When you win, you get a electrolyzer! You can now exit or keep playing to earn more bolts.

Electrolyzer1,500shown above, get cash on second playing
Hazard1,5005 rounds with gladiators
Time Challenge1,50030 in 30 seconds, use lots of choppers
Chainsaw4,000Kill Chainblade
B2 Brawler5,000Kill the B2 Brawler
MegaChallenge3,00010 rounds of action
Tag Team Battle6,000Chainsaw and B2 Brawler
Time Challenge 22,00060 in 60 seconds, use lots of choppers
Endurance2,00020 rounds
MegaChallenge Listing
1 - gladiators
2 - glad
3 - bombs and flame-robots
4 - gladiators and flame robots
5 - bombs and spider robots
6 - flame-spid and glad
7 - flame-spid
8 - bombs
9 - gladiators
10 - chainblade
mini-turrets are GREAT for this one.

For the endurance challenge, come back when you have the mini-turrets. Just lay down 4 per round!

Ratchet and Clank 2 Going Commando Walkthrough

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