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Red Faction II Walkthrough
Foreign Lands

Let's go over the team you're with.

Leader - Molov - older male
Tangier - stealth - young dark-haired female
Quill - sniper - young loud red-headed female
Repta - heavy weapons - hefty male
Shrike - driver - thin, dark haired male

Echo - leader of Red Faction, a male sort of on the 'fluffy' side.

You start on a drop ship. You're working for the Commonwealth.

You go into the base, and shoot at power generators at the base of towers.

The door opens, in essence shoot any enemy you see. I really didn't write up notes on this part, it was mostly a 'learn how to shoot' and 'learn how the game works' without much brainpower involved.

Red Faction II Walkthrough

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