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Red Faction II Walkthrough
The Ending

now pillar falls over. jump on railing, then box by pillar then across.

now nano elite. RUn through. You're asked to cover her - you have to get out. Follow her and run. Reload while you run. Must destroy nanocell. 'Whole thing about to come crashing down!"

flaming guy, 'he's got a ride topside'. Go up the stairs. Follow her. go go go. We have to destroy the cell. "You die here" says the evil guy.

here video of Shrike refusing to pick bad guy up. Go in and grab slugs and such. Reload everything. Now running across the statue level. SHoot and mostly plow through.

Final Battle

Tangier throws a grenade and jumps off the wall.

run to other side of bi g wall Just stay on opposite side of wall - he'll stay on his side if you dodge left and right to keep him there. Use rail gun to whittle him down. When his armor is destroyed it'll be just you and him.

JUMP JUMP JUMP BLAST BLAST and Shrike comes in to save you from the statue. "Alias was decorated for his acts of valor" - cheering crowds. Tangier was rescued!! She was chancellor. Shrike with air force.

Red Faction II Walkthrough

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