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Red Faction II Walkthrough
Hanging in the Hood

Why is it that you can't just celebrate your success? Instead you return to a scene of carnage. Your boss has gone a bit egomaniacal. He will create an army that cannot be defeated. Ho Hum.

Tangier saves you and you escape through a passageway behind the banner. Now you have to help the faction fighters against the 'army'.

You're out on the streets. Eliminate any bad guys. Blow a hole through the wall with grenades where there are wood slats. Go in and fight. Now come out and get into a turret to clear out the plaza. Help red faction forces survive ambush for bonus objective - shoot the way they are up into windows.

Now go right down street, in door. Move along. Kill four snipers - bonus objectives. Now there's a squad trapped up ahead. Clear out snipers. drop down go through door on left

Now go back down - through hole in ground . Down another hole, yet another one down to sewers.

Get into fighting area after a few bugs. "It's a slaughterhouse". Get to ladder. Go up - back wall blows out. Go up stairs. Nice house. Fight your way through - get to the team. You're told there's "only one chance" - ooops he's lasered by above. So much for knowing what the chance was!

Fight off the attackers. Go down into the sewer area. "Find Cathedral" Jump down into watery hole. Now go up ramp into cathedral

Red Faction II Walkthrough

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