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Red Faction II Walkthrough
The Submarine

Now in area near docks - medpack keeps recharging. blown out building across, shoot the people over there. They usually pop up in little groups. Sniper rifle is good here.

Tangier says to wait for her. She steals a submarine. Go around dodging mines annoying sequence and very dark. Water is brown and murky. Eventually shoot mines dodge them come to building, Tangier says she's going to try to open the door. 2 little ports - she opens one, you have to go under the port and then up (try to surface) and you'll go into nano facility.

notes #2

sneaky lady will come to you, you're by 2 docks, on other side blown-out building with snipers, take them out. When you do, she comes with a submarine

submarine level. Shooting other submarines. turn brichtness up because it's murky. get to area with mines, have to evade them. easiest to shoot them, bak away, forward to next. Gint underwaternanotech lab. Clear all subs around it. Girl says the docking area is right under us. Then little dock thing. Apparently have to go UNDER it and then go up with L2. into facility

Red Faction II Walkthrough

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