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Saints Row Walkthrough
Salting the Earth




You get a call from Alderman Hughes. "I heard [your message with the cop shooting] loud and clear", he says. He wants to meet you at his fundraiser.

You hear that you have given him great popularity in his quest to destroy Saint's Row. People used to resist his quest but now that you have made it so notorious, the populace is happy to see it stomped. He's drinking Champagne out of giant glass instead of a flute?? What kind of a cretin is he?

In any case, he says you're going to die, and his henchmen come in to kill you ...

And all your friends are either watching or thinking about you from the shore and their various locations ...

And the boat blows up with you on it. Apparently your pals have just sacrificed you.

The credits roll.

As they finish, you listen to news reports of the explosion.

Some claim there's a "splash" during the explosion which could be you leaping off the boat, but heck, I'm sure *lots* of things were flying off the boat when it exploded :)

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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